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Celebrating the VE Commodore!

Since 2006, Holden has produced over 520 000 VE Commodores with 350 000 of those sold in Australia. Many of the popular models did not include a dash screen, but all include a great audio configuration of dash mounted tweeters and a well placed Mid Bass driver. Though the factory fitted components are quite limited and it seems to be about that time where, with a few years of weathering and use, they are starting to fail.

We have put together some very handy DIY packs to update Australia's favourite car with some very cool Mod Con's like touchscreen navigation with a built in forward facing DVR and reverse camera input.

We also have a rip tearing 5 speaker upgrade pack with a full front sound stage replacement and 10" (or optional 12") Subwoofer.

And here's the best news.. we have made a handy DIY install video for each showing just how easy it is to upgrade your VE with some new hard hitting sound and safety/multimedia upgrades!

Check out the install videos below and get onto your VE upgrades today. Be sure to use the Social share 10% discount offer on the website to get a sweet discount on your upgrade package!

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