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Designed to produce the best sound quality in your ride, the TX4 speakers were developed by MTX Audio's team of audio engineers over 2 years. A very musical speaker featuring brand new technology never seen before in car audio at this price point. Specially treated hybrid paper cone embedded with silvered micro-particles assisting in rigidity, resulting in less cone break-up and clearer midrange performance. They also feature a high-definition pure silk-dome tweeter for excellent treble reproduction.

The MTX Audio TX Series is a premium range of amplifiers designed in the USA and made with high quality MOSFET technology, with high output and fantastic sound quality at a great price you can't beat the TX range for the best of car audio technology. The TX480D is well under-rated, these amplifiers produce over 110W RMS @4Ω <1%THD.


  • What's included

    Supplied in this dynamic package, are

    MTX TX4 65S Font speakers

    MTX TX4 65C rear speakers

    MTX TX480D 4 channel Amplifier

    4G Power cable Kit

    Fast interceptor harness with speaker and RCA cables

    With all this you have an awesome hard hitting system build, after check out, we will contact you to offer you dedicated system installation accessories specific to your car such as plug and play interface adapters,  speaker adapters and mounting kits and elite speaker install kits for maximum audio performance.

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