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Kicker Smart plug and play amplifier KEY200.4

Kicker Smart plug and play amplifier KEY200.4


Universalfuze plug and play packs give you a quick and easy means of completing a professional level installation at home.

This kit includes - 

Kicker KEY 200.4 Smart Amplifier

Plug and play intercepter power/speaker harness specific for your car

(Universalfuze Exclusive)


If the Additional Line Level Sub output option is selected, we will prep our bespoke order with an additional 2 Channel line-level output converter in the plug and play harness, allowing you to add one of our Sub/Amp packs to your order for a full 5 Channel amplified system with a plug and play audio input solution for the Sub amplifier.


View the info and install videos here..


View the quick install guide for VF Commodore here..


View the Ford Falcon/Territory DIY install guide (not quite plug and play) here..


  • Tech. Specs

    • 200 Watts Of Power (50x4)
    • Auto EQ Microphone With Selector Switch Included
    • Compatible with Start/Stop Vehicle Technology
    • FIT2™ Technology Included
    • Turn On Via Remote 12v Signal Or DC Offset
    • Auto 40-Band Equalizer
    • Bi-Amp Capability (Defeatable)
    • Auto Compressor (Defeatable)
    • Kicker EQ Preset (Defeatable)
    • Auto Time Alignment (Defeatable)
    • Auto Level Adjustment (Bi-Amp Mode Only)
    • Auto Speaker Size Detection
    • 24dB Crossovers
    • 60/80/120hz High Pass Filter (Defeatable)


    VF COMMODORE Owners - To prevent the parking chimes and indicator ticks from being amplified, please select the 'VF Commodore kit', which is supplied with an additional 3.5" center dash speaker and configured for manual fade control. You can modulate chimes and ticks louder or quieter by using the factory fader control. Music fade control will be manually adjusted on the amp. Please note, the rear parking chimes are still audible through the amplified channels.

    FORD BA/BF/FG FALCON/Territory Owners, there is no plug and play kit available for your car, we can supply you a vehicle-specific fast harness and installation cheat sheet to ease the install for you as a DIY kit (just not 100% plug and play). It's included with the price of this amp, check it out here..

    TOYOTA HILUX 2021 owners, there is no plug and play kit available for your car, check out our other conventional amp packs that can still be supplied as a DIY kit (just not 100% plug and play)

  • Description


    Don't just make your system louder - make it clearer. Make it better…

    Press the selector, and the microphone goes to work. The KEY uses a powerful internal computer to deliver dramatic improvements in realism and soundstage. A massive 40-band equalizer improves tonality, and a 24dB crossover re-defines the capabilities of each speaker.

    The concert quality of your factory stereo is revealed! What would take hours for a professional to achieve happens in a matter of minutes. All automatically. All with the press of a single button.

    In addition to an unbelievable sound quality, the KEY200.4 delivers 200 watts of pumpin' power to your factory speakers. At KICKER, we know power and clarity always go hand-in-hand.

    The KEY200.4 is one of the first amps fully compatible with newer vehicles using start-stop systems. The amplifier also features FIT2™ (Fail-Safe Integration Technology), providing compatibility with nearly every stock and aftermarket radio on the road today.

    If the temperature reaches the threshold, the KEY200.4's dynamic power-management algorithms kick into gear! Instead of hearing the amplifier's volume “pumping” or blowing a fuse – KEY technology engages a nearly inaudible limiter/compressor, applied only to the peaks of the music for as little as milliseconds at a time. The amplifier quickly cools, which deactivates the compressor. Music returns to its full dynamic range without a moment’s interruption!


    Kicker KEY 200.4 Smart amplifier

    Plug and play interceptor harness

    IF VF COMMODORE PACK IS SELECTED - you will also receive an additional center speaker and your interceptor harness will be manually configured by one of our techs to only amplify your music, but the front parking sensors, Bluetooth call audio and indicator ticks will be audible via the new additional speaker.


  • Find your local installation specialist

    If a DIY solution is not appealing we recommend using only a Car Audio Masters installation network partner to assist you with your installation. We have 3 key Audiocom CAM