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Hertz Dieci 2.1 Amplifier, Speaker, Subwoofer package DIY

Hertz Dieci 2.1 Amplifier, Speaker, Subwoofer package DIY


The powerful and impressive Hertz Dieci 2.1 Amplifier, Speaker, Subwoofer package from Universalfuze gives you a complete DIY Audio upgrade package. This pack works in utes, Sedans, Hatches, Wagons, SUV's, Extra cabs and more. We will tailor the Subwoofer enclosure included in the package to best suit your car, be it a tall slim enclosure for an Extra cab or ute, or a deeper louder enclosure for a Wagon/SUV/Sedan. We will also include the correct speaker mounting kit and plug and play adapter for your specific car as wel as a pre-terminated wiring harness that is, yes, PLUG AND PLAY for your vehicle. That's right, in an Aussie first, we are providing a PLUG AND PLAY under seat amplifier integration kit that will connect via an intercepter harness at the back of your factory audio unit to power these great speakers and sub. 

The Kit includes..

Hertz HCP4D 4 x 85W Amplifier

Hertz 12" Subwoofer

Hertz Dieci Component speakers

3M speaker/RCA Wiring loom

Power cable and fuse

Vehicle specific speaker Mounting kit

Vehicle specific Intercepter connector harness


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