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Fast Amplfier install harness for Ford Falcon BA/BF Sedan/Ute

Fast Amplfier install harness for Ford Falcon BA/BF Sedan/Ute


We know We know, it's half a decade or more late... but it's here now. The Ford Falcon Sedan amplifier DIY install kit. This Kit from includes a custom-made interceptor harness, Power cable kit, and cheat sheet showing just how to install a 4 channel amp to a Ford Falcon BF, or BA Sedan or Ford Territory using the exclusive interceptor harness from Universalfuze and Audiocom.

  • What's in the box

    A Ford Falcon BA/BF Territory specific fast harness with input/output wires for 4 speakers

    (4M remote and FR in/out speaker wire, 1.5M FL, RL, RR in/out speaker wire, 1 x Micro Fuse tap, 1 x 10A micro fuse, 2 x Heatshrink)

    The Power cable of your choice

    Cheat Sheet instructions you can download here


    Watch the product specific videos here..

  • Find your local installation specialist

    If a DIY solution is not appealing we recommend using only a Car Audio Masters installation network partner to assist you with your installation. We have 3 key Audiocom CAM member locations in Western Australia and over 90 members are available Australia wide. To find your nearest CAM member to assist you with your installation, visit