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Holden VF Commodore Ute DIY installation kits

Universalfuze DIY Holden installation kits give you a quick, easy and professional means of installing your new audio system to your Holden VE Commodore Sedan.

Computer engineered mounting kits and adapters and the vehicle/player matched harnesses included with every kit ensure a smooth and seamless installation solution. Use the product slider bars below to build a system for your needs!

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Front Speakers - 6/6.5" (165mm) 
Rear  Door speaker -  6/6.5" (165mm)
Source Unit - Double DIN with fit kit
Holden VF Commodore Ute source units                                           Scroll for more >>>
Holden VF Commodore Ute front speaker kits                              Scroll for more >>>
Holden VF Commodore Ute amplifiers                                           Scroll for more >>>
Holden VF Commodore Ute Subwoofers                                  Scroll for more >>>
Holden VF Commodore Ute Accessories                                         Scroll for more >>>
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