Whistler LASER / RADAR Detector PRO

Whistler LASER / RADAR Detector PRO


Universalfuze has tried and tested many detectors over the years and without a doubt, the two stand out models available on the market today that are most suitable to detect modern speed traps and police speed measuring equipment are the Whistler PRO GX and Escort Redline EX

  • Description

    They will help alert you to many speed traps both fixed and mobile. HOWEVER, they are not infallible and are only a safety addition. THEY ARE NOT A LICENSE TO SPEED! There are some speed traps set in such a way that no detector can save you, the best defense is to slow down!

  • Specifications

    The Whistler Pro-93GXi has front and rear laser sensors and also features the unique ability to isolate specific laser pulse rates to eliminate any laser false alerts from laser cruise control and laser collision avoidance systems through its selectable menu system. The Whistler Pro93GXi features an excellent all-new ergonomic and user-friendly design that provides a new level of operating convenience.
    2 year warranty

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