UF-2 Plug and play adapter fits Parrot Handsfree to Ford BA/BF/Territory

UF-2 Plug and play adapter fits Parrot Handsfree to Ford BA/BF/Territory


The UF-2 Plug and play cables from Universalfuze provide a quick and secure installation method for ISO Bluetooth handsfree systems and multimedia upgrade systems such as the Parrot range of Bluetooth products.

The plug and play Parrot kit installation cable from Universalfuze lets you install any ISO cable based Bluetooth handsfree kit such as Bury, Parrot, Nokia and more by intercepting the connection between your factory audio system and vehicle speaker/power wiring loom.
Supplying all speaker connections and power connections where available, this cable takes the risk and difficulty out of your next Bluetooth multimedia upgrade installation.  

Select from our range of Parrot Bluetooth Multimedia upgrades for a complete DIY package.

Parrot system must have 'Mute on streaming' turned OFF in the Parrot settings menu.

NOTE: Parrot MKI volume must be kept to a level of 70% or below to avoid input distortion on the input of the Ford ICC.

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For a detailed wiring diagram cheat sheet, check our Technical information Gallery


Falcon (BA) 2002 to 2005 
Falcon (BF) 2005 to 2008 
Territory (SX) 2004 to 2005 
Territory (SY~SYII) 2005 to 2011

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