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Stinger SPC505 5 Farad PRO Digital Hybrid Capacitor

Stinger SPC505 5 Farad PRO Digital Hybrid Capacitor

$409.00 Regular Price
$369.00Sale Price

Are capacitors still a thing?

YES! Capacitors will always be a thing! When your high performance audio system amplifiers need high current at high volumes, your standard car battery and amplifier wiring will struggle to deliver!

By adding a capacitor to your power system, you reinforce the current delivery and stablize the voltage. It's like adding boost to your engine, adding capacitance to your current delivery to the amp gives you the boost you need. You will experience better audio, protect your amps and woofers against low voltage clipping and reduce symptoms like dimming lights.

  • Description

    Stinger SPC505 5 Farad PRO Digital Hybrid Capacitor
    By combining the benefits of electrolytic and carbon capacitors, the SPC505 provides extremely fast cycling and high power along with tremendous power reserve. It accepts two 1/0 or 4 gauge inputs/outputs or a combination of one each, and contains 5 Farads of total capacitance. The SPC505 also delivers killer style with sleek black anodized aluminum housing and a red LED voltage display.

    Stinger's new and improved hybrid power capacitors are the premier power solution! The combination of high power electrolytic capacitors plus the power reserve of carbon capacitor offers unmatched performance that will never disappoint.

  • Features

    • 16V - 18V Surge
    • For Systems Up to 1000 Watts
    • 5 Farads
    • Louder & Clearer Bass Response
    • Monitor System Voltage
    • Stabilizes Battery Voltage
    • Minimizes Headlight Dimming
    • Similar to A Battery/Capacitor Combo
    • Bright 4 Segment Red LED Display
    • Accepts (2) 1/0GA or 4GA Inputs / Outputs or Combination Of (1) Each
    • Unique Industrial Styling
    • Black Powder Coated Finish • H 2” X L 7 1/2” X W 5 1/8”
  • Find your local installation specialist

    If a DIY solution is not appealing we recommend using only a Car Audio Masters installation network partner to assist you with your installation. We have 3 key Audiocom CAM member locations in Western Australia and over 90 members are available Australia wide. To find your nearest CAM member to assist you with your installation, visit

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