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Speaker installation Kit for Mitsubishi Triton

Speaker installation Kit for Mitsubishi Triton


For a complete and easy Co Axial speaker upgrade installation kit, this bundle includes all parts required to DIY install a BYO co axial speaker set to your Mitsubishi Triton.

  • Features

    Looking for a great value speaker package?

    Check out our speaker kit section for a complete discounted bundle including a top level speaker package and all mounting accessories required for DIY installation.

    For DIY video installation guides on this pack and many more, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

    For a detailed wiring diagram cheat sheet, check our Technical information Gallery

  • Includes

    APS311   6.5" ABS Plastic Mitsuishi Specific Speaker mounting rings

    APS32     Plug and play speaker connector adapters


  • Find your local installation specialist

    If a DIY solution is not appealing we recommend using only a Car Audio Masters installation network partner to assist you with your installation. We have 3 key Audiocom CAM member locations in Western Australia and over 90 members are available Australia wide. To find your nearest CAM member to assist you with your installation, visit

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