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RCA Output converter (Hi-Low) for Holden Commodore

RCA Output converter (Hi-Low) for Holden Commodore


The Universalfuze RCA output converter for Holden Commodore gives you a plug and play intercepter harness that will add 2 or 4 RCA output sockets to your factory audio unit. The pack consists of:

1 x Intercepter T Harness of your selected vehicle and either 1 x Plug and Play ISO Connect 4 Chan Hi Low Converter OR 1 x Harwired 2 Chan Hi Low Converter connected to the rear output channels of the Interceptor T Harness.

  • Description

    This can be used to install an existing amplifier you already have to your vehicle when not using the pre-configured Universalfuze plug and play amplifier upgrades that include a vehicle-specific wiring loom.