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Pioneer DEQ Amplified Sound Processor

Pioneer DEQ Amplified Sound Processor


DISCONTINUED! this product is being replaced with a new model, ETA from Pioneer as yet unknown. Available NOW is the Kicker Key Smart amplifier which is a banger.

Pioneer’s DEQ-S1000A universal sound processor, is all that you need to upgrade the sound quality of your factory vehicle stereo and speakers or an upgraded speaker/amp combination.

  • Description

    With the included Universalfuze plug and play kit specific to your vehicle, you will have everything you need for a solder-free plug and play DIY installation. For more info on how to install this kit in your vehicle model, subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

    The DEQ-S1000A incorporates a 4x50w internal amplifier (used if connecting directly to speakers), 3 x Hi-Volt RCA Pre-Outs (for external amplifiers) and is partnered with Pioneer’s high performance 48-bit dual-core DSP for high quality sound reproduction. An internal clock and pattern are optimally tuned, so sound degradation from jitter noise is thoroughly eliminated.

    When used with Pioneer’s Sound Tune app, all settings, from the simplest, to the most advanced, can all be done intuitively and easily from your smartphone’s touchscreen.


  • Specifications

    • Universal Sound Processor
    • 4 x 50w output
    • 6ch High-Volt RCA Pre-Outs
    • Smartphone app (Pioneer – Sound Tune)
    • 48bit Dual-Core DSP
    • Includes vehilce specific plug and play harness

    VF Commodore install kit includes new center channel speaker as per our Youtube DIY installation video.

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