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The MTX TX665S are high-end separate speakers. We have conservatively rated these at 90W RMS per channel, but recommend an amplifier power of 80-120W RMS. They have an impedance of 4Ω to suit a range of amplifiers. They are equipped with all the best: MTX aluminium chassis for optimal rigidity, aluminium phasing warhead to neutralise standing waves, the hybrid pressed paper membrane with embedded glass particles for more musicality, detail and warmth, with oversized magnet for incredible power handling, extra-large 30mm diameter TSV TIL coil for detail at all levels and power handling thanks to better cooling, phenomenal neodymium driven 28mm high-definition silk dome tweeter for a soft and dynamic sound, external passive filter with esoteric components (ultra musical polypropylene capacitors, unsaturated air coils), progressive rubber suspension to handle large deflections while remaining reliable.

The THUNDER 75.4 car amplifier features a class A/B design to provide the highest sound quality to any style full range speaker. Class A/B topology is designed to reproduce all notes and frequencies your full range speakers can play, ensuring you hear all of your music as your favorite artist intended.


  • What's included

    Supplied in this dynamic package, are

    MTX TX6 65S Font speakers

    MTX TX6 65C rear speakers

    MTX Thunder 4.75 4 channel Amplifier

    4G Power cable Kit

    Fast interceptor harness with speaker and RCA cables

    With all this you have an awesome hard hitting system build, after check out, we will contact you to offer you dedicated system installation accessories specific to your car such as plug and play interface adapters,  speaker adapters and mounting kits and elite speaker install kits for maximum audio performance.

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