Hertz Dieci Ford Falcon Dual 10" Subwoofer

Hertz Dieci Ford Falcon Dual 10" Subwoofer


The Hertz Dieci unique Dual 10" subwoofer enclosure is the only one on the market that fits neatly on top of the differential arch in the boot area of the Ford Falcon Sedan, making it the perfect choice to mount up a subwoofer enclosure without losing boot space in the sunken spare tire area. The compact amplifier will squeeze easily into the factory amplifier mounting area behind the cover trim on the left-hand side of the boot.

The included Ford Falcon specific cable kit (exclusive to Universalfuze) and connection kit makes for an easy DIY installation.


Thanks to the ultra-compact cast-aluminium chassis (IP64 rated), the HMP 1D amplifiers is nature-proof, being the ideal choice for UTV/ATV/motorcycle installations. It features an incredible power/size ratio and an easy setup thanks to the integrated crossover filter. The Front End section features a complete and bypassable crossover system, providing full system design flexibility with or without external processors, offering the user endless connection possibilities with any source. Inputs feature a special balanced circuitry, ensuring high rejection against electro-magnetic interferences, for noise-free results. The level of HMP 1 D amplifiers can be remote controlled with the included HRC BM (Hertz Remote Control Bass Management). Connected to the Remote Control plug, this provides extremely precise volume level from the comfort of your seat.

The DBX 252.3 is a car audio subwoofer box designed to enhance the audio system performance in the low range frequencies, optimizing the spaces and ensuring a quick, not too invasive installation. The dual 10″” (250mm) subwoofer unit, which is the DS sub, provides unmatched SPL output and superior power handling. The Fine-tuned sealed enclosure, developed through computer aided simulations and refined with in-car listening sessions ensure a ready-to-sound performance. The rear slanted panel fulfils two important functions: it reduces back-wave reflections and eases the installation.


  • Specifications



    Channel mode 1
    Output Power (RMS) 
    @ 14.4 VDC
    180 W x 1 (4 Ω)
    300 W x 1 (2 Ω)

    65-85-115 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct.
    Off-22-32 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct.
    Distortion - THD 
    (100Hz @ 4Ω)
    0.1 %
    S/N Ratio 
    (A weighted @ 1V)
    105 dB
    Damping factor 
    (100Hz @ 4Ω)
    Size W x D x H 
    mm (in.)

    223 x 100,5 x 43,6 / 8.77 x 3.95 x 1.71




    Speaker size mm (in.) 2 x 250(2 x 10)
    Power Handling - Peak W 1200
    Power Handling - Continuous W 300
    Impedance Ω 2
    Frequency response Hz 28 ÷ 300
    Sensitivity dB SPL 89
    Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 38 (1.5)
    X-mech mm (in.) 16 (0.63)

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