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Hertz Dieci Ford Falcon Complete Audio package

Hertz Dieci Ford Falcon Complete Audio package


The Hertz Dieci complete audio package from Universalfuze is a stellar Stage 1 upgrade for you Ford BA/BF or FG Falcon. The unique Dual 10" subwoofer enclosure is the only one on the market that fits neatly on top of the differential arch in the boot area of the Ford Falcon Sedan, making it the perfect choice to mount up a subwoofer enclosure without losing boot space in the sunken spare tire area. The compact amplifier will squeeze easily into the factory amplifier mounting area behind the cover trim on the left-hand side of the boot.

The included Ford Falcon specific cable kit (exclusive to Universalfuze) and connection kit makes for an easy DIY installation.

The 4 Hertz Dieci speakers and included plug and play adapters will easily fit into the factory speaker locations giving you louder, clearer, more defined mids and highs to compliment the new solid bass notes from the Dual 10" woofers. 

NOTE: some of the plastic on the door trim may need to be shaved to allow speaker clearance so the door trim does not come into contact with the speaker when refitted.



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