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Focal Impulse Plug & Play amplifier for Toyota

Focal Impulse Plug & Play amplifier for Toyota


Give your head unit a breath of fresh air. Head unit amplifiers (whether OEM or aftermarket) soon reveal their limits in terms of power and dynamics. At high volume, they soon saturate and ruin the listening pleasure. To compensate for this and to enable you to get the best out of your speaker drivers, Impulse 4.320 is the ideal solution. It will give your installation a boost without you having to embark on a difficult installation process.

This pack includes a complete plug and play kit for your  vehicle making all input, output and power connections an absolute breeze!

Install like a pro with this DIY plug and play kit from Universalfuze.


VF COMMODORE Owners - To prevent the parking chimes and indicator ticks being amplified, please select the 'VF Commodore kit', which is supplied with an additional 3.5" center dash speaker and configured for manual fade control. Please note, the rear parking chimes are still audible through the amplified channels.

TOYOTA HILUX 2021 owners, there is no plug and play kit available for your car, check out our other conventional amp packs that can still be supplied as a DIY kit (just not 100% plug and play)

ISUZU DMAX 2021 owners, there is no plug and play kit available for your car, we will send you the 2020 Dmax harness which is not a guaranteed solution, we recommend only undertaking this install if you have industry experience, otherwise use of a professional is suggested.

  • Specifications

    CEA power (4 Ohms): 4x55Wrms

    Power max (2 Ohms): 4x80Wrms

    Power bridged (4 Ohms): 2x160Wrms Bandwidth: 10Hz / 20KHz

    Minimum THD: 0.02%

    SNR: 80dBA

    Weight: 1.2lbs

    Dimensions: 67/8x25/8x17/8" (175x66.5x47mm)

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