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Focal 165W-XP Utopia M passive kit

Focal 165W-XP Utopia M passive kit




The next in line after our passive 2-way kit 165W-RC, a leading product heralded for its performance for several years now, the 165W-XP integrates our exclusives technologies: TMD® surround, progressive spider, ventilated motor, new Beryllium tweeter, bi-amplification crossover. We also gave it a new design, steeped in our DNA and geared towards performance. The result: an uncompromising kit that opens the door to the world of Utopia.


Watch the unboxing video here -

  • Description


    'W' sandwich cone
    The ‘W’ sandwich cone perfectly optimises the frequency response curve by fully mastering the three key parameters of lightness, rigidity and damping. When listening through the ‘W' sandwich cone, the sound is completely transparent with extremely little distortion.


    TMD® surround 
    Originally developed for the Sopra line of high-fidelity loudspeakersour TMD® (Tuned Mass Damper) surround has a unique profile, designed to better control the effects of resonance and to drastically reduce the distortion associated with deformations of the cone. The speaker driver takes advantage of this patented technology by spreading better defined and very realistic midranges.

    Progressive spider
    The progressive spider used on all our Utopia drivers is built around a progressive section that reproduces all the impact of the bass whilst optimising the linearity, precision and dynamics of the sound.

    Bi-amplification crossover 
    All the components on our crossover have been specially selected and optimised to better control the effects of thermal dissipation. These components, essential for managing different channels and the soundstage, have improved reliability. As for the bi-amplification, this enables the woofer and tweeter to be driven separately in terms of power, resulting in optimum performance. 

  • Specifications

    Type Separated 2-way passive kit

    Tweeter Beryllium Inverted dome

    Woofer (6 1/2") 165mm

    Cone 'W'

    Suspension Tuned Mass Damper (TMD®)

    Impedance 2Ω

    Max. power 200W

    Nom. power 100W

    Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m) 93dB

    Frequency response 60Hz - 40kHz Accessories Grilles, screws and filters supplied

  • Find your local installation specialist

    If a DIY solution is not appealing we recommend using only a Car Audio Masters installation network partner to assist you with your installation. We have 3 key Audiocom CAM member locations in Western Australia and over 90 members are available Australia wide. To find your nearest CAM member to assist you with your installation, visit

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