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3 point Automotive (stereo) grounding Kit

3 point Automotive (stereo) grounding Kit

  • Specifications

    • Material: silicone, metal (High temperature resistance up to 260 degrees, corrosion resistant, oil resistant)

    • Color: Purlple only available

    • Size: 100cm/39.4in(2pcs), 80cm/31.5in(2pcs), 60cm/23.6in(1pc)

    • Fitment: universal for cars, trucks

    • Features:
      - Easy to install, it can improve engine performance, which makes the car start easier.
      - Enhance spark-plug performance to efficiently reinforce power.
      - Increase the efficiency of generation and charging  to prolong battery lifespan.
      - Enormously improve engine combustion efficiency for fuel saving.
      - Also improve the brightness of headlights and the effect of car audio systems.

  • Description

    Improve your vehicle electrical system, audio system and fuel system performance with a 3 point grounding kit.  

    Generally, the current from othe alternator of the car comes back to the battery cathode through the metal car body, but after you drive your car for several years, the interface between the metal plates is oxidized and generates electrical resistance, resulting in bad performance of vehicle electrical accessories and angine components. Therefore, connecting the battery and the car body directly together with the high-performance ground wire upgrade can greatly improve the performance of all electrical components in the vehicle.

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